ABCs of World Weather Disco

This is an audiovisual mediascape based on using the world weather API data. The project is to be viewed in real time, the angle, color and other parameters of the visuals as well as sounds are triggered by temperature, wind speed, humidity and clouds data. Aesthetically it is meant to be an abstract representation of changing world weather data and form an audio-visual composition without any specific practical use. It is solely for artistic purpose.

Improvising in a museum space in Rome.

I love singing but I don't get to do it very often these days. It's an ability which can be expressed only in a given space at a given time. Similar to dancing or poetics, it's a form requiring time and place, it changes the environment in an unsubtle way. Hence finding an appropriate setting in a physical space is sometimes challenging. Even so, when I come into a space with great acoustics and see a possibility to improvise, I do.

This is an audiovisual experiment I made based on "8 Photographs from Guggenheim" photo series.

I was at Guggenheim and came across an exhibition featuring VR technology. The visitors lined up in the gallery to see the presentation. The facilitator helped each person to adjust the VR set and then they watched the art piece for about a minute. To me the whole scene seems curious, here we all are waiting to be equipped to see an illusion and we all accept the VR set eagerly awaiting what is there. In this, the exhibit outline as a whole was more interesting to me than what was in the VR video itself. Luckily I had my camera, so I set it on the floor and took photos of people watching the VR piece. Strangely, noone stopped me, so I did.

"Pace Pace" from La Forza del Destino, recorded during a practice session.

Not much to say here except that I am trained as a soprano and a few years ago I was practicing operatic material a lot.